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"It all started as just an impulse"


- PAN -

It was back in the early days of 2020. Most of us were locked down by Covid 19 in some sort of home prison. It certainly has come a long way from 'two weeks to flatten the curve', but this is another story altogether.

It seemed at that point that most everything would be canceled, although one festival still happened despite the over the top reactions. More about that later.

So, completely on an impulse, I made a track for a friend of mine in London who is a chill dj. I invited her to be a part of production, but she insisted that being there in the studio would be the only way to share a project.

So I went ahead with it anyway, asking for her guidance on what would work in a chill tent. When the first one was finished, she told me that it was perfect, so I made another one.

So the next thing was to contact any promoter I knew that was still planning to go ahead and ask if I could play a chill set. I would be there anyway to play on the main stage, so why not... right?

Surprisingly, the response was pretty good (the only festival that took place). So I dove in head first, making track after track. I really got in to the freedom that the genre afforded. Of course, I ran everything past her, as I wanted it to be right.

But soon I developed a unique style and felt very comfortable. The result is Lost in Translation's full album out now

Try it here

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