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Festival Life

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I have played at festivals all over the world. I consider myself pretty fortunate to be able to have done so. One particular one, I was at the very 1st event (a poorly organised party in a forest with 450 people) that has grown in to a very well planned event with over 3000 people. Spanning the course of ten years it has become massive.

I have been lucky enough to play in South Africa, all over Europe and in America. Every festival is different. Some are way more organised than others. But no matter what, there is always a feeling of kinship that you have with everyone that goes there. From the shopkeeper to the crazy guy that dances for 18 hours straight, smiles abound.

Being prepared is essential. This isn’t a 5 star hotel. You need to be ready for everything. Packing up is half the fun. Besides the obvious, there are a few tings to remember.


Essential for when the sun goes down. Headlamps might look silly, but they are the best. Spend a little extra on this as it is probably the most important bit of gear.

Remember you are going to be in NATURE-- never know what a cool flashlight might show you!

Toilet paper

Not every festival has decent toilets. In fact by the end of the event, this might be the scariest place that you’ve ever been. Also, the TP tends to disappear pretty quickly. Even the best intentions don't correlate to enough TPs, so stay safe and bring some.


Not the easiest to fly with these days, but you’d be surprised at how much you need it. If you are driving, be sure to have one or the other.


It may seem daft, but I have forgotten it. Brought everything else for a shower though.

That year I traded soap for a towel


Let’s be honest, you are going to be going hard and not eating well. Supplements mean you’ll last past the 3rd day.

Baby wipes

Bring a few packs, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Insect repellent

Self explanatory.

Sun block

It can get pretty damn hot sometimes and there isn’t always shade.

Plastic bags

Somewhere to throw trash, put muddy clothes in and carry stuff around. Plus they are great for when it rains a lot.

This list is nowhere near exhaustive. There are in fact a lot of other things that you should bring. But if you have all of the above, you could miss out on a few things and still be fine. Now you can dance all day and night. See you on the trance floor

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