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I Know What You Did Last Summer

The summer of 2022 saw the return of festivals, events and a general happy relaxing feeling. Everyone was over the crazy pandemic days and in my experience, really happy to be back out on the dance floor.

I kicked of my summer with a set at Whirly-Farye. This force has been around the dance scene since we were children. The Whirly-gig parties are stuff of legend. Richard (dj Monkey Pilot) and his wife Mary actually invited me to come play in England in 2020 - but we all know how that turned out. Anyway, this couple staged this epic event, quite a ways out in the countryside.

When Kristina and I arrived, the sun was just setting and it looked pretty magical. There was two tents, one rather huge one and the other smaller tent filled with amazing psychedelic art.

I played on Saturday night, to a full house of happy dancing people. It was great to see the crowd, whose ages ranged from 17-70, loving the music. I do hope to play again for them some day.

The next weekend, it was off to Hungary. I had opted to stay in a town nearby until the day of my set. I am glad that I did. The little town of Gyor is great to explore and has some brilliant food. The Festival 3DNA, was small and comfortable. Being a brand new event, they have space t grow bigger and better.

The following weekend, we went to Germany for Unservelt (our world). What an epic round-up of like minded people ready to dance.

2023 is looking interesting too, I'll be back at Funny Moon Gathering and perhaps a trip to America… so keep an eye out here for updates.

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