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My First Solo Release

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Going at it on my own

So after a number of lessons with my teacher and friend Mechanimal, I got busy in the studio trying to make something credible. At the time, I thought that they sounded ok, but after I listened a year later, I was somewhat aghast.

Then one day I made this. It only took me a week, as opposed to the month or more that I'd been spending on other tracks. I reached out to a guy that I knew who did mastering, simply for some advice. He gave me a few good ideas.

But it turned out that his wife ran a record label. She asked me if the could release it. Of course I said yes. It even went as far as number 7 on beatport - much to my surprise (and theirs too).

And then this year it was re-released on an album called 'Enlightened By Design'. Not bad for my first solo track.

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