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My New Home :: Psyworld Records

In early 2022, I had finished an entire album. I’d not planned on making a full album but I just kept making new tracks. Sometimes you just can't stop. Plus I didn’t yet have a label that I felt that they would fit in to.

The album got the crazy title ‘Hyperbolic Oxymoron’ after my family and I threw around ideas for a while. Apparently. I have the tendency to be hyperbolic. NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!

So after speaking to few labels from as far and wide as San Francisco to Australia, I ended up choosing one based in Serbia and The UK. The list of Artists that they represented and the way that they were shooting up the beatstats charts made them an obvious choice. Not to mention the fact that they represented my style perfectly. It was the best move I ever made.

My first release with them was Hyperbolic Oxymoron, which got a fair bit of attention. And I was pretty happy with the outcome. It was released a year ago today.

Later in the year I was chosen to be added to Hanuman's Goa Friends. It was an album with some amazing artists doing their thing. Two of my tracks - ‘Insert Track Name Here’ and ‘To Be Continued’ - featured on this epic release. Take a moment and have a listen.

Next up :: The good people at Psyworld thought that I should release something on their 10 year anniversary album. The release date was scheduled for just before Christmas 2022 - Luckily I had a few tracks lying around which would fit in. The release on that was called Roswell, and you can check it out here.

And so... what is next? Well. I have a track coming out soon called 'Dr. Hoffman's Bus, which will be followed with a remix or two. I'm not sure of the release date yet, but if you see me playing out and about, you will certainly hear it.

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