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What Possessed Me?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It Was Just an Impulse

So, I have been asked by more than one person, "why did you make a full chill album?"

Good question, but the answer is pretty simple. A friend of mine in the UK is a chill dj, and a pretty good one too. When everyone was in lockdown, I told her that I’d make a track for her. It was an impulse, hence the name of the first track.

I found it refreshing and different. She gave me some guidance as to what those dancing in the chill tent might like to hear. Any psy-trance producer will tell you that there are certain rules that you need follow when making full-on psy—trance. The kick must be a certain way and the baseline too. But with chill all those rules go out the window - so much so that when I went back to my 145 bpm stuff, I was a little confused.

So yeah, in chill, I could lay 9 different baselines. Percussion was my playground. Organic sounds became music. When I finished the first one and she informed me that it hit the spot, I decided to make another. It was a lot of fun.

But why an album?

Well, after the second track ’Lost in Translation’ was done, I spoke to a few festival promoters, offering to play a chill set. I would be there anyway for the main stage, so they could get 2 for the price of 1. I was actually surprised at the positive response, especially since I’d not even made enough music at that point.

The race was on to get enough material done in time for the first show. I managed to do it, even with my studio closed for a stint with a covid infection in the house. The full album is available on various platforms.

As I decided to release it myself I hope you get yourself a copy. If you just want a taste, go here.

Will I make more?

Likely yes, it would be nice to have enough for a longer set. But for the moment I am back to my original sound.

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