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Beyond The Horizon

Psytrance New Release by PAN - Out in Beatport 19 September 2023

Beyond The Horizon -
Beyond The Horizon is Released on Beatport by PsyWorld Records - PAN

I started producing in 2015 or so. Honestly though, I didn’t make anything even halfway decent for at least 2 years. It is always a learning curve, and that will never change. I’m 100% sure that 10 years from now, I’ll still be discovering things that I never knew before.

I try, as often as I can, to spend a day in the studio experimenting with sounds. Wavetables, LFOs, filters and so much more. It get’s a little crazy. A friend of mine suggested that I should try a modular unit, but the rabbit hole of Serum is already pretty intense.


Ok, so enough of the producer/techniques talk. When it comes down to it, all that really matters is if you, the listener, enjoys it. Of course, I loved making it (all except the last 5% but that is another story) but will the final product make you want to boogie?

Enter my new release, `Beyond the Horizon’. It is just one of the many that will hit the virtual stores by the end of 2023. I am quite happy with the results of my efforts. I have changed a few sounds, without messing with the style too much . I have applied many new techniques to enrich the feeling. I’ve brought the bass and kick forward (let’s face it, this is what moves you).

There is a sense of newness with these 2 tracks, yet the retention of the `New Old School’ psytrance sound is still completely there.

It’s an exploration that I hope you’ll share with me, as together we venture Beyond the Horizon.,


And, this is the place where I say, honestly: You need Anti-Matter Ice Cream in your life and Life on Mars will give you hope - or a good stomp, anyway.

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